Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I've Been Bitten!

By the Holiday Spirit Bug! It's going around and it's a sneaky little bugger so watch out! Ok, so seriously I'm normally the kind of person who won't even think about putting up the tree until the calendar turns to December. I normally feel strange hearing Christmas music before then too. But this year... well that sneaky little bug got me. I turned on Christmas music today as I put together a Christmas wreath. And I sang along. Last night, we watched the Grinch and I GRINNED! A little bit ago I checked the tv guide and saw that Rudolph was on tonight and I WHOOPED! What's happening to me???

It could possibly be because the Christmas season is just more fun when you have kids. There's something so heart warming about kids getting excited over the trees, ornaments, lights, decorations and of course Santa. I can't help but smile at their excitement. Or maybe because I'm having an early Christmas with some family members this weekend and I've been as busy as an elf trying to get ready. I can't give too much away because my sister reads this, but I will say one project I'm really excited about is the tutu I'm making for my niece. She told me she wanted it to be "purple and blue and pink and green". And it is. I hope she loves it.

nd now I'm going to grab some egg nog and settle down wit my babies to watch Rudolph. :-)

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