Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear neglected blog, I haven't forgotten you!

Seriously, I haven't. May was a CRAZY month! We had something going on every single week and June hasn't been much calmer. And it won't be calming down yet. What's keeping me so busy you ask? Or maybe you didn't. Either way I'm going to tell you. Well, my middle child turned 4 so there was a fun "Cap'n Jack Spawo" party. We had some guests for a several days two weeks in a row. We made a business/fun family trip to Ocean City and topped that off with a visit to family. There's been doctor appointments, dentist visits, everyday crazy life with three kids and a dog... And let's see...what else? Oh yeah! Getting ready to go to Egypt. Yep. We're going to Egypt.

There has been concern expressed about visiting Cairo right now, but up until today our friends and family have assured us it's just fine, even with the approaching election. Today, there's been a new ruling by the courts which essentially dissolved Parliament. Apparently it's a bit crazy around the courthouse in Cairo right now.  At this point I'm not concerned really. We won't be staying in that area of Cairo and it's easy enough to avoid it completely if need be. Aside from that, we're all very excited. And wishing we could avoid that plane ride somehow. But, as teleporting is not yet an option, we'll be boarding a flight and praying all three kids behave themselves. We were smart enough to book a night time flight so our little cherubs would sleep as we soar across the Atlantic. We hope. We built in a long layover in London on our return so we will get to see a little bit there. I'm pretty excited about that as well and hoping it isn't absolutely insane. So, look forward to me spamming you with pictures from Egypt and London in the future. I know you'll be anxiously waiting to view them. Or not. Either way, they'll be here. 

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