Friday, December 2, 2011

Babies Grow

And they grow fast! This weekend we're celebrating our baby girl's first birthday. And like most Mamas I'm having a hard time believing a whole year has gone by already. A year ago we were anxiously awaiting any sign that she would soon be making her appearance. And now... well, now she's walking and talking and she's so sweet and so smart that she just blows us away. Yes, we felt the same way about our boys. But, I think this time around it tugs at our heart strings a little more because she is probably our last biological child and therefore probably the last baby we will raise from birth.

It's truly amazing how in just a year babies go from being these tiny, helpless little people that merely sleep, eat and poop to these less tiny, mobile, babbling, laughing, exploring, still poopng little people. But as wonderful as it is, it's also a little tear inducing. See, what Mamas know is that after that first year time seems to move even faster. These little people quickly go from being our snuggly little babies to being pre-school aged kids who become more independent every day. And of course that's a good thing, but Mamas still get teary eyed over the speed at which it happens.

But, you can't stop the inevitable, so this weekend we'll eat some cake and smile as we celebrate a year of life and accomplishments. Happy Birthday baby girl!

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