Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Review: Daughtry - Break The Spell

If you've read some of my other posts, or you know me,  you probably know I'm a huge Daughtry fan. Naturally I was very excited for their new album. I have "Crawling Back To You" set as my ring tone and the sneak peek of "Renegade" had me chomping at the bit to hear more. Well I finally got the chance and here's exactly what I think in a song by song analysis. I have the Deluxe Edition so the last 4 songs are bonus tracks.

1. "Renegade" - This is my absolute favorite song on the album. It's high energy enough to have me dancing around my kitchen before I've even had coffee. Listening to it makes me picture the guys hood sliding across some bad ass car before tearing off down the highway in a cloud of  dust.

2. "Crawling Back To You" - A solid song. It's catchy enough to have listeners singing along without being annoying. Good choice for a single.

3. "Outta My Head" - You may have a hard time getting this one out of your head. It'll have you bopping along 10 seconds in.

4. "Start Of Something Good" - This song slows things down, but not to syrupy speeds. It's a sweet song that manages to avoid being too sappy.

5. "Crazy" - This one has a decent rhythm. The subject matter could have potentially been heavy, but paired with this music it turns out well.

6. "Break The Spell" - Obviously this is the title track and there's a slightly heavier expectation paced on a song that titles an album. Honestly, it's a good song, but not the best on the album and not the one I would have chosen as the title. I'm sure Daughtry had their reasons for doing so however.

7. "We're Not Gonna Fall" - Inspirational in a way that anyone in a long term relationship can relate to and set to non-sappy music.

8. "Gone Too Soon" - Heart breaking lyrically. Have a tissue nearby. It's a touching tribute but may be hard for some people to listen to.

9. "Losing My Mind" - This one highlights Chris's vocal abilities and range which I loved. Otherwise, it's another good one.

10. "Rescue Me" - I can easily picture this as a TV theme song. A new version of Baywatch perhaps. And I mean that in a good way.

11. "Louder Than Ever" - This one reminds me of "Summer Of '69" by Bryan Adams with it's riffs and remembrances of a time past. I like it.

12. "Spaceship" - It's ok. Not my favorite song of theirs.

Bonus Tracks

13. "Who's They" -  The song and lyrics start well but don't live up to their potential.

14. "Maybe We're Already Gone" - Starts ok, but goes downhill. It's kind of depressing and it doesn't really seem like the band itself was  really into this one.

15. "Everything But Me" - This one gets a little sappy, but it's sweet.

16. "Lullaby" - This one brought tears to my eyes. It's a sweet song sung by a Daddy to his babies and the emotion is obvious. It just makes you go "Aww".

Overall it's a good album and it gets the Sugar and Snapshots Seal Of Approval.

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