Sunday, April 8, 2012

TV In The Office

Posted by Darwin Garza

It seems to me like adults these days cannot go five minutes without having access to a television or at least television programming. If the TV at home is not on then probably most of the family is on their laptops surfing the internet and watching some television programming online. Sometimes I get annoyed by this. The other day I went to an appointment at a business where they were a very conservative and formal. In the person’s office they had a flat screen television on the wall with Sports Center and stock market programming split screened. The whole time I was having the meeting with this person they were half listening to me and half watching what was going on over my head. I was in this meeting talking to this business professional looking at spending a large amount of money with his firm and he didn’t even have the common decency to pretend that he was as interested in what were talking about as he was the TV. If you want TV in your office and have enough sense to pay attention in a meeting check out for more information.

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