Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carving pumpkins as a family tradition

Guest post written by Kelly Herman

One of our family's fall traditions is to make a whole Saturday out of picking pumpkins to carve, carving them and then baking the pumpkin seeds to eat afterwards. I used to do it with my family when I was growing up and always looked forward to it. So I decided to start doing this tradition with my family too. It's quite a hit and the kids always start asking when we're going to do it once I start making them wear jackets to school again. I guess they know that it's about that time then!
Even after all of those pupmkins that I've carved, I'm still not very good at making the designs myself, so I always make templates from pictures that I fidn on the computer. I looked up some different themes with our wireless internet Nashville this year to carve on the pumpkins. I found all kinds of stuff, even a transformer for my son.
As soon as I started traciing the transformer on the pumpkin, I knew that it was going to be quite a task to actually carve out so I left that to my husband.

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