Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dog makes 6?

Our dog snapped her leash and ran away nearly a month ago and we haven't been able to find her. The kids still occasionally ask where she is and when/if she's coming back. My 3 year old keeps telling me he needs a doggie to play with. My 4 year old recently pleaded for a Spitz puppy. My husband, however, claims he is enjoying not having the responsibilities of a dog. But I'll give you 2 guesses who was recently checking out available dogs... Yep.

So, where do we go from here? After a month, realistically I don't believe we'll ever find Bella. So do we start looking for a new dog? And if so, what kind and where? There are a lot of things to think about when you consider adopting a dog. The only thing I know for certain is that it darn sure won't be a chiuahuah or any other rat sized dog. A, it would never survive with 3 very enthusiastic kids. And B, I just don't like them. Jeff Dunham once said something like if it bounces when it barks, it's not a dog. I agree.

On the other hand, I've got a baby crawling around. I love big dogs, but some of them don't realize how big they are, especially when compared to a baby. I know some are gentle giants though. My fur-niece Maggie is a perfect example. She's a Golden Retriever and one of the most awesome, gentlest creatures I have ever met. But not all big dogs are as wonderful as Maggie.

So, maybe a medium sized dog.
But what kind? And from where? In theory, adopting a rescue dog is wonderful. But how do you know if it's a good rescue? How do you know if you can trust them when they say the dog is good with kids? But we want to avoid puppy mills and bad breeders. As for what kind, I'm pretty open. I have no problem with mixed breeds, mutts are awesome. I do have an issue with a mixed breed  being given a cutesy name and a huge price tag though. 

So, as I said there's a lot to think about. But that's ok, this isn't a decision to make hastily and with little thought. When the right dog for us comes along, we'll know.

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