Friday, October 14, 2011

An Update On my Son

A while back I mentioned that we were going through some struggles with my three year old and he had to see a neurologist and have an EEG. Well, he did that. The good news is that his EEG was normal, he's not having seizures. Once we had those results, he began seeing a counselor. Here's where the bad news comes in. The counselor also had us fill out assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorders. We got the results this week and unfortunately the results were that it is very likely he is on the Autism Spectrum. He is also showing signs of hyper activity, but that's hard to pin down in a three year old. He has also been diagnosed with severe separation anxiety. He has also been referred to a speech therapist. That's a lot to process.

So, what that means right now is that he needs further evaluation for the Autism. So we'll be doing that. He is also starting a social group therapy session next week. Hopefully that goes well. Some of his biggest difficulties are with social skills. He will begin seeing a speech therapist as soon as we can get him in. And his counselor is working with him/us on his separation anxiety. We've got a long bumpy road ahead of us. But, at least we are getting answers, even if they aren't the ones we want to hear. Answers mean that we can start helping him now that we know which direction to take. Answers mean that we can figure out how to make all of this as easy as possible for him. We can make life as good as possible for him. And isn't that what every parent wants?

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