Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Movie Review: "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark"

We rented "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" yesterday. I was so excited because I had heard that it's so scary and such a good movie. It wasn't. The movie is about a couple who are restoring an old mansion. the man's daughter comes to live with them and they discover an unknown and boarded over basement. The girl, as kids will do, becomes curious and ventures into the basement alone to explore. She ends up opening the gateway for creepy gnome crossed with rat looking creatures to escape and terrorize her. The creatures don't like the light and attack in the dark. Sounds ok right? The premise is decent but the movie just failed to hold my attention. There was a bit of a creepy factor but nothing that's going to make me nervous about venturing into a dark room alone. All in all, if you're a real fan of scary movies, you won't be impressed.

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