Monday, January 2, 2012

My Resolutions

Tis that time of year folks. You know, when we sit down and think of a few resolutions that sound good when we say them aloud but that we usually don't stick to past day 2. But this year will be different for me. Yeah, yeah, everyone says that. But I mean it. I'm determined to stick to them this year. They're not impossible goals, which I think is the key. Of course people are going to give up easily on unrealistic  resolutions. But, this year I have very realistic goals. Want to hear them? I thought you might.

1. Get in shape. Yes, losing weight and getting is shape is probably the most common resolution there is. But, it's also important. I'm determined to see it through this year. I didn't focus much on losing the baby weight last year because I was nursing a new infant and her health and nutrition was more important than me dropping the lbs quickly. But, she's 1 now and although she's still going strong with nursing, she's also eating solid foods so I am no longer her sole source of nutrition. Which makes me feel safer about losing weight.

2. Be a better blogger. I enjoy blogging, it's a great outlet. I just need to get better about it.

3. Practice and become a better photographer. I have a deep passion for photography and I'm determined to get as good at it as I possibly can.


See? Easily attainable goals right? And if I even think about giving up, well I'll just have to remember this post as I plan on keeping you all updated on how they're all going. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself  disappoint everyone by not meeting my goals. ;-)

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