Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jeff Dunham

If you have never heard of Jeff Dunham, you don't know what you're missing. Here's a sample.

*Warning For Parents: You may not find this suitable for your children.*

That's right, Jeff is a ventriloquist. And he's hilarious. He's so good at what he does that you almost forget those puppets are not actual living creatures. His cast of puppets is diverse and includes Walter, Peanut, Achmed, Jalapeno On A Stick, Melvin and more.

You know that cranky old man that stands on his front porch shaking his fist and yelling "You darn kids!"? That's Walter. He's crotchety, sarcastic and will leave you laughing every time.

Peanut resembles the offspring of an abominable snowman and a macaw,  but don't let the cuteness fool you. This guy is funny!

And then there's Achmed... Achmed is probably the most controversial character in Jeff's cast. You see, his full name is Achmed The Dead Terrorist. Some people are offended by this. Some people have said it's offensive to Middle Easterners and Muslims, promotes violence, hatred etc. Now, if you know me or you've followed my blog before now, you know that I am in fact a Muslim woman married to an Arab man. And you know what? We love Achmed! We choose to look at him as just a funny character. We're not terrorists, we don't think it paints all Muslims and Arabs as terrorists, so no, we're not offended.

Jeff and company never fail to make me laugh, but obviously his style of comedy is not for everyone. If you're easily shocked or offended, it's probably best to avoid Jeff and his characters. But, if those clips made you giggle, Jeff has a new special on Comedy Central tonight at 9:00.   :-)

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