Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never A Dull Moment

Life with kids is interesting. Sometimes you're laughing outrageously, sometimes your crying, and sometimes you're contemplating bashing your head against a wall. But, it's never boring. My kids never fail to make me smile and laugh or just make my heart melt.

Today I was teasing my 4 year old who sometimes has this spontaneous deep southern accent and asking him if he was southern or Egyptian. He says to me "I'm ****. I'm the good child!" No idea where he got that from but it made me laugh. Later on, someone, who shall remain nameless to avoid any potential embarassment, had the need to relieve some built up pressure from the posterior area. Ok, someone farted. My three year old says "Mommy who farted? It wasn't me, cause I didn't smell it!" Ah the logic of a child. 

As I'm typing this from my couch, my baby girl suddenly peeks her little head around the laptop and says "Hi!" with the biggest smile on her face. Which of course made this proud Mama smile too. Then her Daddy was teasing her by shoving a chocolate chip cookie in his mouth and not sharing it with her. She retaliated by smacking him on the nose. Yeah yeah, not encouragable behavior but I giggled anyway. He should know better than to keep chocolate away from my daughter. ;-)

And through the laughter, smiles and tears, they make me proud too. My four year old saw another little boy when we were at the play area and said to me "Mommy, maybe that little boy wants to play. You're supposed to be nice and play with other kids." My three year old has difficulty with social situations and over stimulation. Which means, he has frequent uncontrollable meltdowns when we're out. But not today. Today we made it through an entire Walmart trip without even a whimper. And the baby is growing and learning so fast. She's a smart cookie and the sweetest baby. What Mama wouldn't be proud of these three?

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