Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Special Girl Named Demi

This beautiful little girl is Demi and she just turned 6. Unfortunately, Demi spent her sixth birthday in McMaster's Children's Hospital in Ontario. You see, Demi has recently been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This is the most common form of cancer in children and occurs when a bone marrow cell develops DNA errors. These errors allow the cell to continue growing and dividing whereas a healthy cell would normally die. The bone marrow then begins producing immature cells which develop into leukemic white blood cells. These cells are called lymphoblasts and they do not function properly. A build up of lymphoblasts will leave no room for healthy cells.

Demi has been given an 80% chance of survival and she has a long hard road ahead of her. She is facing aggressive chemo treatments, blood transfusions and more painful procedures that a child should never have to endure. She will lose her hair, possibly develop diabetes and become very ill. She will need to be on several expensive medications for a long time and will require long term monitoring.

Demi's family is staying close to her side and doing everything possible to help her fight this battle with leukemia. In the photo above, Demi's grandmother is reading her special birthday wishes from the Facebook group Prayers For Demi. This group was set up to ask everyone to please pray for Demi and keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they fight this Leukemia.

There is also a fundraising group set up for Demi. Planned fundraisers include bracelet sales, a slow pitch tournament and more. The bracelets will be orange and will say "I Wear Orange For Demi" and the cost is $5. They will be available around September 19. Sunsay Studios will be doing fundraising photoshoots with proceeds going to Demi. The cost will be $50 and ALL proceeds will be going to Demi. Visit .

You can also visit to purchase Sasha the Charitable Bear. Proceeds from the purchase of Sasha are given to the Ronald McDonald House which is assisting Demi and her family. You may have the bear shipped to you, or arrange to have it shipped to Ms. McGregor who will then take the bears to the Ronald McDonald House to give to the children. There is also a fundraiser for Demi set up on Ms. McGregor's website.

I will keep you updated  on Demi's condition as well as any new fundraisers.

You will find the fundraising group here: 

We're praying for you Demi!

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