Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby K'tan

I'm the mother of three. I've tried lots of slings and carriers and always struggled to find just the right one. Some were rough with hard plastic pieces that just weren't comfortable for either me or baby. Some were just too bulky and ill fitting. When I got pregnant with my third baby, I was determined to find a carrier that baby and I both loved. I asked around and heard good things about Moby wraps but I was worried about them being a bit complicated. With 3 kids, I need something I can slip baby and I into quickly while standing in a parking lot. Several people love their ring slings, but based on my own experience, they don't fit everyone. Finally, one day while at Chik FIl A I noticed a Mom wearing this really comfortable and versatile looking carrier. Her infant was snuggled in and snoozing away. They made a very sweet picture. Anyhow, I studied the carrier for a minute then worked up the courage to ask her about it. She told me it was a Baby K'tan and said she loved it. She named a price that was very reasonable and even gave me a discount code (Yay!) for the website.

When I logged on to the site, I was thrilled to see a great selection of products and videos on how to properly use the carriers. After watching the videos and reading the reviews I decided to order one. The sizing info was very helpful and accurate. I had some trouble at checkout with the discount code and had to call support. The guy on the phone couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. He helped me get it straightened out and in a few days I had my Baby K'tan. I admit, I tried it on as soon as I got it. At the time I was heavily pregnant so of course it didn' fit quite right but the material was very soft, and it was easy to slip on.

My daughter weighed 8 1/2 pounds at birth and well, to be frank, I'm a busty girl. So, I was worried about the carrier being too snug to carry her in the kangaroo position. But, from the first time I put my daughter in the Baby K'tan, we both loved it. She felt very secure because she was close to Mommy. I felt very secure with the way the carrier held her close to me. I didn't feel like she was going to fall out of it. With other carriers I often still felt the need to clutch baby to keep him/her from falling because I just didn't feel confident in the carrier. What's the point of a baby carrier if you still feel the need to have both arms wrapped around them at all times? I didn't feel like that with this carrier. I was able to wear my daughter and still be able to do other things, like hold my sons' hands, get them a snack, grocery shop or even eat.  Putting her in the Baby K'tan worked like a charm to calm her down as well.

So, the Baby K'tan worked great for a newborn. But what about as baby got older? Well, my daughter is now 7 months and we still love the carrier. There are several different positions in which you can wear baby and we've tried most of them. I love being able to have her secured to me while getting other things done as well. She loves that she gets to be with Mommy while she checks out the world. The carrier still holds her comfortably and securely. The weight limit on a Baby K'tan is 35 lbs so we'll be using it for a long time to come.

Additional advantages to the Baby K'tan are that it's pretty compact. You can fold it up and it easily fits into a diaper bag. It's also completely washable. You can just toss it into the machine, which, as any mom knows, is awesome. It's made completely of soft fabric so there are no hard pieces to potentially hurt you or baby. Honestly, I wish I would have had this with my first two babies.

*This may sound like an ad for Baby K'tan, but this is 100% my own thoughts. I am not a paid rep for Baby K'tan.

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