Sunday, July 31, 2011

This One Is For The Girls

Some women say they don't understand men at all. Some women think they know everything about the hairier sex and they're willing to tell you exactly what it is that ALL men want. Me? Eh I'm somewhere in the middle. I don't claim to know everything about men, if I did I could probably be a very rich woman. But, I think there are some basic things I've figured out along the way. Men want the same things we want when it comes right down to it. They want to feel loved, respected and appreciated. Making them feel as hot as the latest Hollywood heart throb probably couldn't hurt either.

If you read my post entitled "This One Is For The Guys" then you know I advised guys to surprise their lady with her favorite candy bar or latte or other small treat. Well, you should do the same for them. Next time you're at the grocery store or gas station, grab that package of Oreos or that slurpee that he loves and surprise him with it. Too often the focus gets put on the woman receiving gifts and tokens but guys enjoy them too!

Appreciate what he does for you, even if it's something small. If he grabs a soda for you while he's digging around in the fridge, don't complain that he didn't  pour it in a glass, just be appreciative that he thought of you. Sure, he may have loaded the dishwasher all wrong but at least he tried right? No, he may not fold the laundry the exact same way that you do, but he did it and that means you don't have to.

Listen to him when he tries to talk to you. Women always want guys who will listen to them, but do you listen to him? No, you may not be interested in the topic, but do you really think he's interested in that cheesy romance novel you're telling him all about?

Let him choose the movie or show sometimes. No, it may not have a sappy love story or cute little something or others, but give it a shot. If he can sit through Grey's Anatomy with you, try sitting through Leverage with him. You just might like it. I do.

Don't Mommy him, he is not your child. There's a difference between taking care of someone  and looking out for them (as we women tend to do) and being over bearing and controlling. You don't need to pick out his underwear, he's a big boy and he can choose for himself.  Relax a little, he'll love you for it.

Be sensitive to his feelings. Yes men have them! They just don't always express them to you or drown their sorrows in something chocolate while crying on their friend's shoulder.

I'll give you the same advice I gave the men. The happier you make him, the happier he'll make you. Be nice to him and he'll be nice to you. And if he's not, then you go grab your best girl friend, a box of tissues and something chocolate and discuss whether your relationship is really healthy.

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