Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Flapjacks and Fun

Friday is an exciting day for a lot of people. But its excitement factor often gets lost on young kids. So, I've instituted Friday Flapjacks and Fun at my house. What that means is I make pancakes (aka flapjacks) for my kiddos, which they're thrilled about, then when breakfast is cleaned up and the baby has had her nap, we have some fun. Last week, this meant a trip to the National Zoo. My kids love going and eagerly look for their favorite animals. Currently that includes monkeys, elephants and the big cats.

This week, with temperatures hovering somewhere around the third level of hell, it's too darn hot for outdoor adventures. But that's ok because there are lots of things we can do indoors and we've got a whole day of fun planned. First on the agenda is Play Doh where I will attempt to keep my boys from mixing the colors. I'm thinking we'll follow this up with some cookie making and crazy dancing around the house while the cookies are baking. Gotta burn off some calories to make room for those cookies right? Once the cookies are done, I'm thinking a snack followed by a camp out in the living room, complete with tent, for nap time. The afternoon's activities are yet to be determined. Maybe I'll let my little artists finger paint. Or we could break out the leggos. Maybe we'll play pirates and zombies or just cuddle up and read. I'll let the kids choose. Either way I'm looking forward to spending some fun quality time with my offspring. Oh, and there's no worrying about housework allowed. It'll still be there tomorrow. :-)

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