Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love photography. I don't claim to be a proffessional, I just love taking pictures and I've got a decent eye. I love taking pictures of people, places, things, animals, anything that catches my eye. I  love my Nikon D-90. It's my dream camera and I value this thing like a lot of women value diamonds. It's like my fourth child. Ok, not quite but you get my point. When I'm snapping away of course I'm focusing on my subject, but I'm also imagining what the picture will look like once I'm done with it. I'm like a kid at Christmas when I slip a loaded SD card into the computer. I can't wait to click through and see what I've managed to capture. Of course, being a Mom, my three favorite subjects are my kids. My boys are getting to the age where it's hard to get them to pose for me. They would much rather be off playing. <insert sad face here> But my baby, she's my little ham. <insert happy face here> She's perfectly content to smile, coo and pose for Mommy and she even tolerates my wardrobe changes. Well, she tolerates it as long as I don't try to put shoes on her. I know this stage probably won't last long, but I'm loving it while it does. Here are some images I was lucky enough to get today.

She was pretty mad at me for putting shoes on her.

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