Monday, July 25, 2011

Chef Gordon Ramsay

It's Monday and while most people are moaning and groaning, in our house Mondays aren't so bad. Why? Because Mondays are Hell's Kitchen nights. That's right, we look forward to Mondays for a tv show. You see, my husband was raised in the restaurant business and it's in his blood. Before having children I enjoyed the business myself, plus I like to cook. And well, we love Chef Ramsay. Sure he yells a lot, curses frequently and he's a bit cocky. But he knows his stuff and he's passionate about it. Also, I have to admire his ability to tell it like it is. He doesn't sugar coat anything and the phrases he comes up with can be quite amusing.

Of course there's also the drama of and from the contestants. You can raise your eyebrows at the two who jump into bed together almost immediately after meeting, cringe at one guy's irritating resemblance to K-Fed, place your bets on how long the arrogant ones will last before Chef Ramsay bursts their cocky little bubbles and you can cheer when the under dog kicks everyone's butts. And let's be honest, seeing what dishes the contestants come up with on their own can be both amusing and nauseating. Yeah, we're hooked.

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