Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Football

Pre-season NFL games start today and I am so excited! If it weren't for football season I would be much more upset to see summer end. Football season means my beloved Cowboys, exciting games, friendly fights and trash talk with my Redskins fan of a husband, getting the kids in on the excitement, new Cowboys apparel, pizza, wings, Superbowl dreams and so much more.  Yeah yeah, I know what some of you are thinking and I've heard it all before.

When some people hear that I'm a football fan, their reaction is something along the lines of "What does a chick know about football? She probably just likes staring at the player's butts". I can't tell you the satisfaction I get when I prove to know just as much, and sometimes more, as the person saying this. I can only grin when the skeptical looks on their faces change to dumbfounded amazement and even admiration.

The funny thing about football in my house is that I'm the one who got my husband into it. Yep, you read that right. My husband asks me what things mean, what just happened, etc. He grew up in Redskins territory so he's had affection for them since he was a kid, but he wasn't into watching games or knowing much about the  sport. He's a soccer guy. Anyway, he used to make fun of me for yelling at the tv and really getting into the game. Used to. But I'm proud to say I've changed him. He now sits right next to me, when he's not jumping to his feet, and yells with me.

My kids are all under 5 so they don't understand all the finer points of the sport yet, but they're learning. My three year old has already decided he's going to play. And the kid is actually pretty good already if I do say so myself. My four year old is content to watch. My husband and I have a friendly competition to get the kids on our side, but I think I'm winning that one. We saw a Redskins jersey the other day and I asked my boys if they wanted it. Their immediate response was "Yuck Redskins!". It warms my heart. Seriously though, it's fun to see my kids get so excited about the game. Football has become fun family time for us. I know there are people who don't understand that, but that's ok. It's fun for us and that's all that matters.

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