Monday, August 15, 2011

Preschool Woes

My boys have been asking to go to school for the past year. So, we've searched for a suitable pre-school. No luck. We toured a facility that we really liked, the director was nice, the teachers were nice. But, they wanted my then three and two year olds to attend school five days a week. That seemed like too much to us. Another facility was only a few days a week, but it costs about $700 a month per kid. Ridiculous! And that seemed to be the case with several other schools that we looked at as well. One school never bothered returning my call.

Then there are the churches that offer pre-school. If you've read my previous posts you know that we are not Christian, we're Muslim. Still, we wouldn't have an issue with a pre-school located in a church if there was no religion taught. But, even the pre-schools' websites were full of Bible verses and pictures of crosses. so that won't work.

I even looked into Pre-K through the elementary school, but they don't offer it. So, where does this leave us?

Well, I've decided to try to do a sort of home schooled pre-school. It's not the same of course, but I'm hoping it works. They want to learn and I'm just hoping I can be a good enough teacher. We went shopping yesterday and they were so happy to pick out their little notebooks, folders and markers. I'm hoping I don't let them down. Sure, it's just pre-school 123's and ABC's but it takes patience and some dedication to actually introduce these things to a child and help them learn them.

I think it will be fun once we get into a routine and I figure out how to get them to sit still for two minutes. I've got a few fun ideas to help them like making cookies and using alphabet and number shaped cookie cutters. I've got a big work book, flash cards and things like that too. But I'm open to ideas from other parents, teachers, anyone with experience. My kids want to learn. Now, how do I teach them???

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  1. Congratulations Michelle! you are embarking in a beautiful and hard but satisfying homeschooling journey!! you can do it!!